Student of the Month

Teachers at Mount Logan are divided into teams by grade level. There are five 6th grade teams, three 7th grade teams, and three 8th grade teams. Teachers on those teams vote each month for students that they feel are working well in the classes. It isn't necessarily a grade based vote, it's more based on the students overall functioning in the class and on the team. Each month, starting in October, we celebrate those students who win with a luncheon honoring the student and their families.

October 2014 Award Recipients

6th Grade

Discovery/Gannett Harmony Everest K2 Olympus

7th Grade

Denali Big Rock Candy Naomi
Karuna Rajikannu Magarita Maldonado Samantha Eliason

8th Grade

Mt. Dew Kilimanjaro Vesuvius
McKayla Bergsjo Jerziah Blossom-Black Dylan Jenkins