Reality Town

Reality Town is a simulation that allows students to correlate their grade point averages with real life jobs and budget monthly expenses based on that income. Students first apply for and receive a job selected from a range of options depending on their middle school grades earned to date. Students are then randomly assigned a family that may or may not include children and a spouse. Students then must purchase the necessities of life while staying within a budget range determined by the job they chose. Several volunteers from the community and college helped run this event with volunteers running a booth where the students go to fill out living expenses. There are over 20 stations that the students go to including; housing, food, clothing, insurance, utilities, medical, dental, childcare, financial counseling, military, supplemental income and many more. This simulation not only helps students understand how their grades can relate to a career, but also help them understand concepts such as budgeting, check writing, and a greater understanding of expenses that exist once they move away from their parents.