Community Council Minutes

Location: Media Center Conference Room
Date: March 5, 2019 Time:  3:45 pm

in attendance:

Parents:              | Debbie Brough | Katie Chapman | Amy Cox | Melissa Dahle | Karlee Fryer
| Jessica Sanders |Michelle Selui | Renee Shaffer |Kate Twohig
Faculty:              | April Godderidge | Rayann Hansen | Carol Nielsen | Julie Nieman | Candace Pratt
Administration: |Daryl Guymon, Principal

1.   Welcome - Michelle Selui, Co-Chair

2.   Review and Approve February 5, 2019 Minutes

  • Melissa Dahle motioned to approve minutes – Candace Pratt seconded.  All in favor.

3.   Trustlands - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Discussion 2019-2020 School Trustlands Plan

  • Counseling Department requested:

    • Money towards full time or part time social worker.  The social worker works with 23 students right now. Could easily double that right now if s/he had help.   27.5 hour/week is part time for $36,000.  Full time would cost $70,000

    • Bridger has full time social worker. Another works with all the rest of the elementary. Hired through a grant.

    • High school has school counselors.  Social workers are graduate students from USU. There is no cost to the district for the graduate students.  

    • Could we get graduate students as well?  Yes, we need to ask. They are in training. Sometimes hard to have consistent social worker grad student.

    • Can we do through Trustlands? Yes, but has to be tied directly to an academic goal. Can’t be just to supply help with mental health.

    • State looking at funding 30 million dollars toward mental health. We may want to wait to see what happens with that bill to see if someone else will fund it.

  • Our list (see February minutes for more details)

    • Instructional Coach

      • 0.50 FTE

      • Full time FTE

    • Instructional Assistances

    • Chromebooks (GEAR Up is funding a lot of chromebooks)

      • 1-hour per week for 30 weeks

      • Docking station (using GEAR Up funds)

  • Texas instruments navigator system (using GEAR Up funds)

  • Ipad Minis (can use this year Trustlands money)

  • Social worker (hold on this until we learn more about the house bill)

  • Upgrade to sound system (possibly to use school money. Can’t use Trustlands funds)

  • Laptop for PT (coming from school money)

  • ESL Help

4.   Data - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Received and reviewed school “grading” report

  • Area of greatest need is ESL students (same at Logan High. Mixed at Elementary schools)

    • WIDA (ESL assessment they all take until they test out of ESL)

    • Assessment results are 25% of our students made adequate progress. (District was 43%. State is 44%). 0% reached proficiency.

  • SAGE proficiency assessment also shows that we are behind the state.

    • Sage growth assessment: only above the average in science.

5.    Community Council Members - Questions, Comments, or Concerns

  • No public comment

6.   Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm

  • Kate Twohig motioned for adjournment and motion was second.

Next Meeting:            April 9, 2019                                                        

Time:                            3:45 p.m.                                                              

Location:                     Media Conference Room                                  

 2019-2020 Trustlands Budget

Possible Expenditures

Total Money Available $184,604

Goal: 90% students will reach proficiency

Instructional Coach - $59,246  

  • School land trust would pay 67% of salary, GEAR Up the remainder.

  • As a council we have already committed to paying for our instructional coach.

½ Time Teacher - $36,000

  • Literacy Academy teacher to serve more 7th and 8th grade students who are below level in reading.  This is ESL.

Teacher Professional Development - $45, 000

  • Add additional from carryover as needed. Before school or during prep hour once a week. Logan High and MLMS like to be on the same page with this. Looking at a whole bunch of options.

Instructional Assistants - $44,324

  • 20 hours per day - Could be used in Math academy, ELA academy, ESL.

  • We have a significant reduction from last year…probably the correct movement. Super hard to find instructional assistants. This gives us some room to fill people.

  • Dani fits here because no AMERICORP next year. She would rather be hired on as an Instructional Assistant vs. Boys and Girls Club.  She is currently a full time employee, but would prefer to not work 8 hours/day.

Read Naturally Licenses -  $0

  • Use $7,000 of carryover

Total:             $184,570

Jessica Sanders motioned to approve proposed Trustlands budget.  Melissa Dahle second the motion.  All in favor