Community Council Minutes

Location: Media Center Conference Room
Date: December 4, 2018 Time:  3:45 pm

In Attendance:

Parents: Shaunah Allison |Debbie Brough |Katie Chapman |Melissa Dahle |Karlee Fryer | Jessica Sanders |Michelle Selui |Kate Twohig |Renee Shaffer

Faculty: Carol Nielsen | Julie Nieman | Candace Pratt

Administration: Daryl Guymon, Principal

Guests:  Dave Long, LCSD Educational Services and Technical Services Director

1.   Welcome - Ms. Michelle Selui, Co-Chair

2.   Review and Approve November 6, 2018 Minutes -

  • Kate Twohig motioned to approve minutes – Melissa Dahle seconded.

3.   Notes from Principal Guymon

  • Trustland Allocation October 9, 2018 Amendment

    • Not approved by Board yet.

  • Mr. Guymon proposed to remove Gizmos and Jr total of $6,094.00.  These programs will be paid out of GEAR Up.  Money will be used to pay for 13 6th grade teacher who will attend a Summer training class.

  • Melissa Dahle motioned to approve change, Renee Shaffer second motion.  All in favor.

4.   Data - Review Results of STAR Data - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Moved to January 8, 2019 Agenda

5.   School Safety - Evacuation Plan

  • Katie Chapman will be attending SNAP training.  If anyone is interested in attending with her, please contact Katie directly. 

  • Katie will try and provide committee members with link to SNAP Plan.

6.   Semester Schedule - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Reviewed plans to change to semester schedule next year. (changing classes every 18 weeks).

  • Narrowed down to two plans. 7 period semester schedule or 6 period A/B semester schedule.

  • Daryl will forward presentation slides to committee members. Look them over and send Daryl and e-mail with any comments.

  • Board will go over at the next board meeting on Tuesday, December 11th.

7.    Digital Literacy - Mr. Dave Long, LCSD Educational Services and Technical Services Director

  • Be Safe technology utilization and digital citizenship in public schools.

  • Went over everything the district is doing and plans to do to keep the kids and their info digitally safe.

  • Send Dave Long an e-mail with any concerns, questions, etc.

8.    Community Outreach Programs - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Review Community Outreach Program ideas before Christmas break.

  • If we decide we have the man power and would like to set up a program, we would like to have it tied to the January 14th event.

9. Community Council Members - Questions, Comments, or Concerns

  • Open

10.  Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm

Next Meeting:        January 8, 2019                                    

Time:                    3:45 p.m.                                             

Location:               Media Conference Room