Community Council Minutes

Location: Media Center Conference Room
Date: November 6, 2018 Time:  3:45 pm

In Attendance:

Parents:               | Shaunah Allison | Debbie Brough | Katie Chapman | Amy Cox | Melissa Dahle
| Karlee Fryer | Jessica Sanders | Michelle Selui | Renee Shaffer
Faculty:               | April Godderidge | Carol Nielsen | Candace Pratt
Administration: | Daryl Guymon, Principal
Guests:                | Thane Hutchinson, Assistant Principal

1.   Welcome - Ms. Katie Chapman, Co-Chair

  • Renee is not receiving email notifications.  Ensure her email is on Community Council Committee group.

2.   Review and Approve November 6, 2018 Minutes

  • Carol moved to approve minutes and seconded by Amy.  Minutes approved unanimously.

3.   Notes from Principal Guymon

  • November 15th - 6:00 pm District Wide SCC Training

    • All members welcome to attend.

    • Principal and chairs please come for sure.

  • Art Endowment:  Superintendent wants 1 parent to be on Endowment Committee.  Member of committee will determine what to do with money next year from the sale of this art. Let Principal Guymon know if you know of someone who could/would do this.

  • Education Support Professionals of the year nominations and voting

    • Nominations received for Jenny Little, Shelly Nelson, Nicole Tillmann and Dave Winn

    • Jenny Little and Nicole Tillmann selected by SCC as MLMS’ Education Support Professionals of the year.

4.   Data - Review Results of STAR Data - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Note technical issue with test (test was timing out when it shouldn’t have been) skewed results lower

  • 54% median growth school wide (students are showing above average growth)

  • At our next meeting, members want to see growth from same group of kids over time from 6th - 8th.

 5.   School Safety (Evacuation Plan) - Thane Hutchinson, Assistant Principal

  • Safety Plan revamped this year to be more compliant with national standards, New handbooks with response protocols (lock down/shelter in place, building evacuation, etc.), following information from “I Love U Guys” Foundation.

  • Reunification plan (required this year by law for each school) - talked through draft of flow map.

  • Note: There is a safety committee and they’d like some of the SCC members or other parents to participate. Contact Thane if interested/available to serve on that committee.

  • Still working out details on the plan and would like feedback.

  • Can we train parents on this plan? Ideas include sending a letter and including the plan flow chart. Would like to have a walk-through training with teachers.

  • School is using DRIS+ to communicate within the school.

  • District Safety Committee meeting on Monday at 4:00 pm.

6.   Update:  Standards Based Grading - Daryl Guymon, Principal.

  • Reviewed information sent home to parents earlier this year.

  • Katie commented at PTC only Academic was mentioned, not citizenship. Teachers are expected to include that - should be able to see this in ASPIRE.

  • Carol asked about having a consistent school wide policy on how missing work impacts citizenship grades.

  • Katie pointed out that H should be the expectation like an A is expected. Right now S is the expectation. How can we change the mindset for teachers/students?

  • Discussion on how to make citizenship grade feel more important, have more weight, and be more clear on what is expected. One possibility is to start at H instead of S.  We want to teach social skills, help kids learn those expected behaviors.

  • Parent comment on needing to see grades updated on Aspire. Next steps = teachers learning how to record mastery of benchmarks, etc.

  • High 5 club from years ago - 5 honors = party/reward.

7.    Parent Teacher Conferences - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Be thinking about this topic for out next meeting when this will be addressed:

    • Attendance Concern and Ideas

    • What are parents looking for?  What do teachers convey?  How do we involve more parents?

8.    Netsmartz Assembly - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Does this information carry over beyond the assembly?  What can we do after the assembly?  Social media is a problem, how do we help our kids gain awareness of what’s appropriate and what’s not?

  • Is a parent meeting in the evening possible?

  • December 7, 2018

    • 1st Assembly at 9:30 am

    • 2nd Assembly at 10:25 am

9.    Community Outreach Programs - Daryl Guymon, Principal

Are we interested in other programs?

  • Starts with Hello program (gun violence focused)

  • Netsmartz “White Ribbon Week”

  • Hank Smith speaker for February assembly Bullying & Student Relationships

  • Fight the New Drug on January 19 for the district

10.  Community Council Members - Questions, Comments, or Concerns

11.  Adjournment

Motioned to adjourned by Debbie and seconded by Renee.
Meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm

Next Meeting:        December 4, 2018                                

Time:                    3:45 p.m.                                             

Location:               Media Conference Room