Community Council Minutes

Location: Media Center Conference Room
Date: October 9, 2018 Time:  3:45 pm  

 Members In Attendance:

Kate Twohig, Secretary | Shaunah Allison, Parent |Debbie Brough, Parent | Amy Cox, Parent
April Godderidge, Teacher | Carol Nielsen, Teacher | Kelly Sorensen, Teacher
Guests: | Paul Wagner, Assistant Principal |Jason Thompson, Teacher

  • Welcome

  • Review and Approve September 4, 2018 Minutes

    • Debbie Brough motioned to approve. April Gooderidge second.  Unanimous approval

  • Data - Review Results of STAR and SAGE Testing

    • Add to November Agenda

  • Review Trust Land Funding - Carryover, Money Reallocation, Ideas, etc.

  • Discussion:

    • We have excess from this year and last year to make a sum of $33,763 that we still have to spend for this school year. This does not include last year’s carryover. Daryl sent a request to team leader for spending suggestions.

    • Chromebooks (as of right now GEAR Up is not funding these requested 85)

    • IPads (for PE and Music). PE does not need IPads. They said they would feel disconnected from teaching out on the field if using an IPads.  Moreover, there is poor WiFi connection outside.  Decreased from 10 iPads to one iPad.

    • Additional learning academy participant (currently funding 15 participants from trust lands). There is already a teacher that would like to do it, but there was not funding.

    • Student incentives: Unless the shirt has really, great graphics may come up with other incentive ideas. Water bottles?

    • Jr. Scholastic and Scholastic news: has become a critical part of our literacy especially for ESL and Special Ed classrooms. ELA uses the extras at the end of the year.

    • Computer carts to hold 36 computers: The more carts we have the more places we can put the computers. Carts charge the computers and right now, the carts only hold 32 computers.

    • Gizmo for Science: $500 for enough licenses so every student in the school could have access to the Gizmo program. 6th grade is not interested at the moment. 8th grade feels like they are currently meeting the student’s needs without it. 7th grade is very interested. $2700 for all of 7th grade (about 450 students). It is an annual fee.

      • Teachers would need a 4 hour training before they are given access to program.

      • Program can be done from home if not completed at school. The Program assesses the student and gives immediate feedback.

      • Great resource to help increase SAGE test scores. As of right now, there are zero test questions on Mastery Connect for the kids to practice for the end of year test.

    • Daryl is concerned about the high cost for a one year program. Would rather work with the company to give us a trial in one or two classrooms. Kelly said they only give a 60 day trail.

    • Would like 7th grade to give it a trial run and see how the SAGE test scores change.

  • Vote:

    • Jessica Sanders motioned to approve amend the budget for the carryover. Amy Cox second. Unanimous vote to approve.

  • School Safety - Evacuation  

    • Add to November agenda

  • Parent Teacher Conferences - Attendance Concerns and Ideas

    • Unanimous vote to recommend conference times be moved from 4-7pm to 4:30-7:30pm. Give teachers and families bit more time to regroup. Will send Superintendent Frank Schofield our minutes with this info included.

  • Community Council Members - Questions, Comments, or Concerns

    • None

  • Adjournment

    • Motioned made by Debbie Brough to adjourn meeting and seconded by Carol Nielsen.  Unanimous to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at         5:00 pm                                   

Next Meeting:        November 06, 2018                              

Time:                    3:45 p.m.                                             

Location:               Media Conference Room