Community Council Minutes

Location: Media Center Conference Room
Date: September 4, 2018 Time:  3:45 pm

  • Welcome and Pass Roll

    • Introduction of Committee Members

  • Meetings to be held once a month for one hour

  • Watched the Training Video and did a review of the website

  • Duties of a Community Council

    • Create School Improvement Plan

    • Decide where to use the Trust lands money

    • Council makes recommendations but not always the final decisions

    • Open time needs to be allotted in each meeting for discussion from any one who wants to attend or get on the agenda.

    • Review the SNAP plan or safe access to school plan for students who walk.

    • Implement and support safe technology rules at school.

    • Each council will elect Chairperson or Co Chairs along with a Secretary

    • Data is reviewed at the beginning of each meeting.

  • Daryl proposed the vote after these individuals offered to serve:

    • Michelle Selui as Co Chair

    • Katie Chapman as Co Chair

    • Kate Twohig as Secretary

      • Vote was unanimous.

  • Reviewed the current SIP and explanation was given for the Amended Expenditures.

Next meeting October 9th, 3:45 pm