Community Council Minutes

Location: Media Center Conference Room
Date: April 9, 2019 Time:  3:45 pm

in attendance:

Parents:              | Katie Chapman | Amy Cox | Karlee Fryer | Jessica Sanders
| Michelle Selui | Renee Shaffer |Kate Twohig
Faculty:              | April Godderidge | Carol Nielsen | Candace Pratt
Administration: | Daryl Guymon, Principal

1.     Welcome - Ms. Kate Chapman

2.   Review and Approve March 5, 2019 Minutes - Ms. Michelle Selui

  • Carol motioned to approve minutes. April Godderidge second. All in favor.

 3.   Data: Common Formative Assessment - Principal Guymon

  • Data showing that each year our % is going higher and higher. The assessments the teachers are giving are getting more rigorous.

  • We are seeing great improvements and will continue to strive to improve.

  • Mr. Guymon will send us an e-mail with the essential learning proficiency chart.

 4.   Safety Minute: Internet, Data, Safety - Ms. Katie Chapman

  • The district is constantly changing and updating what is being filtered to make the system stronger.

  • Currently 1000s of “attacks” to our school computer system.

  • Dave highly recommends Igen book to all parents, staff, everyone.

  • Dave may be bringing an app to the high school and maybe the whole district to set parental controls so parents can see what the kids are doing on the school device when not at school.

  • The SCC does not need to come up with a safe routes plan. Our job is to be the eyes for the city to make sure we have safe routes to school.

 5.   Class Courses - Principal Guymon

  • The change to semesters (trimester to quarter or semester courses) gave us the opportunity look at staffing and other needs.

  • 6th grade is no longer required to take music, which gave more opportunities for art and STEM electives. Health and keyboarding each go to a quarter elective.

  • Restructuring 6th grade math and science and reading and writing. The students will now have 4 different teachers instead of 2.

  • 7th grade changed personal health to a quarter. Added Coding A and Robotics A as electives. Utah Studies will still be a full year course because it is great for literacy building.

  • 8th grade added Coding B and Robotics B.

  • Glee had 12 kids sign up. Need 30 kids in order to offer Glee, but there will still be chorus offered.

  • Still meet state requirements.

 6.   Update - Standards Based Grading - Principal Guymon

  • Looked at how other school districts do theirs. All do it differently.

  • Working on updating the proficiency scale (4 and 3 (green), 2 (yellow) 1 and 0 (red) scale. Green is without help. Yellow and red is with help. Students should never fail if they have evidence is provided.

  • The essential learning/proficiency scale will be available to all MLMS families in the Fall.

  • Would be nice to have set standards of measurements for the citizenship grade.

 7.    Community Council Members - Questions, Comments, or Concerns

  • Next meeting: Review this years Trustlands money.

8.   Adjournment - Ms. Kate Chapman

  • Amy Cox motioned to adjourn. April Godderidge second the motion.

Meeting adjourned at            4:50pm                           

Next Meeting:        May 7, 2019                              

Time:                    3:45 p.m.                                         

Location:               Media Conference Room