• Julie Benson
  • Pat Black (S)
  • Shaunah Allison
  • Farina Buttars
  • Katie Chapman
  • Amy Cox
  • Melissa Dahle
  • Jennifer Duncan
  • Melody Francis (S)
  • Karlee Fryer
  • Daryl Guymon (S)
  • Stacie Jorgensen
  • Brynja Kohler
  • Melissa McRae
  • Marian Nielsen (S)
  • Candace Pratt (S)
  • Jessica Sanders
  • Renee Shaffer
  • Jason Thompson (S)
  • Karina Trujillo

MLMS Community Council Meeting

February 6th, 2018
3:45 P.M.

3:45 p.m. Welcome & Introductions Melissa McRae
3:47 p.m. Review and Approve May Meeting Minutes Melissa McRae
3:50 p.m. Safety update and information Katie Chapman
3:55 p.m. School Improvement Plan Discussion Principal Guymon
4:35 p.m. Standards Based Assessment Discussion Principal Guymon
4:45 Adjournment Melissa McRae

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 6, 3:45

Mt. Logan Community Council - Minutes

February 6, 2018 - 3:45 P.M.

Attendance: Daryl Guymon, Julie Benson, Jennifer, Duncan, Pat Black, Candace Pratt, Katie Chapman, Angel Hoffman, Dani Goodwin, Melissa McRae, Jordan Frandsen, Farina Buttars , Jason Thompson, Amy Cox, Renee Shaffer, Shaunah Allison, Dave Wind, Marian Nielsen, Jessica Sanders

Review of Minutes - Motion to approve - Jennifer Duncan, second Amy Cox,

Katie Chapman - Duress (electronic app for phones) - Faculty will be looking at it at their next faculty meeting on Tuesday. Police department encourages us all to look at it. Do drills and practice.

  • snow removal is going great this year
  • SAFEUT app, Help app that parents/students can put on a device and they can reach a crisis outreach person. Please get that information out to the school community. Help for mental health issues. They can follow-up with counselors at school the next day.

School plan is due March so we have to get working on that.
Funded at $154,000 for FY18-19
Write legislators to tell them that parents should be in charge of this money. Every year a legislator writes a bill saying that money that be under control of the legislature.

Attendance - 61 students being monitored for attendance - for each month we have seen a decrease in those who are missing days. They were under the amount they missed the previous year.

Rare students can miss and still keeps grades up. There are only 2 of these.
One student missed 27 days last year, only 6 this year GPA from 2.425 to 3.533
Another student missed 28, 3 this year 1.83 to 2.067
30 days last 4 this year, 1.529 to 3.267
45 to 3 1.37 to 2
36 days 14 this year - 1.518 to 2.583

If kids aren't here, Dani Goodwin calls to track them down and encourage them to attend.

50-55 students are below grade level in reading. September and January scores, most of them improved and improved greatly. Seventh grade students are doing well. This is the first year she has worked with ESL kids and they are doing better. Average increase - 197.5 MLMS 105, Americorp 290 - MLMS 80, 66.6 - 60. Overall Americorps students increased scores by 168.

Americorps kids are in literacy academy classes and they are assigned to attend. Through discussion with team members. Volunteers are mainly from the University. She has very flexible hours that people can come to.

Needs as a school - STAR data from September to January median growth percentile was 56. 6th - 55, 7th - 59, 8th - 54. We have 44-45% not reading at grade level.

  • More students need additional support, but don't currently qualify for AmeriCorps. Literacy
  • Are phones a distraction or an asset? Our teachers are amazing to incorporate them into the learning environment
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Encore classes

Do teachers like training or is it one more thing?

I suggest we use common formative assessment data rather than SAGE scores to set data landmarks. It is specific; each teacher sets their own goals, as they go through the core curriculum they decide what is the most important. Teachers know exactly what students are missing the benchmark. Teams create their assessments together so that everyone is teaching the same thing.

Any concerns with CFA data? No

Rough draft will be voted on in March.

No subjective data, just numbers.

Americorps FT - $7,700
Americorps PT - $3,900
Instructional coach (33%) - $29,120
FT teacher - $81,500
PT teacher - $40,750
Instructional Assistants (5.5 hours) - $12,500
Music Assistant (5.5 hours) - $14,500

Suggestions - Instructional coach, Instructional assistants (ESL, Academy classes), New Oxford dictionaries 20 @ $30 each, Math FTE, Read Naturally @ $19 per license, Literacy FTE, Music assistant,

Math classes are 3-4 less the average classes in the building. Another teacher would only take the classes down 1-2 students.

Literacy classes are a little bigger because math has an additional teacher.

Standards based grading moved to March meeting

Can we break data into content areas?