Community Council Minutes

Location: Media Center Conference Room
Date: February 5, 2019 Time:  3:45 pm

in attendance:

Parents:              | Debbie Brough | Amy Cox | Melissa Dahle | Karlee Fryer |Jessica Sanders
|Kate Twohig |Renee Shaffer
Faculty:              | April Godderidge |Rayann Hansen | Carol Nielsen | Julie Nieman
Administration: |Daryl Guymon, Principal
Visitors:              | Alecia Hendricks
Presenters:         | Kacee Murray | Leslie Maughan

 1.   Welcome - Ms. Kate Twohig, Co-Chair

2.   Review and Approve January 8, 2019 Minutes

  • April Godderidge motioned to approve minutes – Debbie Brough seconded.

3.   New Class Schedule - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Following the same 7 period PEAK schedule we are following now.

    • Some of our classes may be quarter classes vs. semester classes, which will open up a few more electives. (some electives will go up to 18 weeks…some will go down to 9 weeks. Currently we are at 12 weeks).

  • Registration is March 5th ish.

  • Probably will do only 2 parent teacher conferences a year.

    • May be complicated for the quarter elective classes.

    • Will need to look other methods of communication for those classes.

4.   Trustlands - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Search for school land trust in google to see MLMS Trustlands plan.

  • Review 2018-2019 Plan

    • Discussion on 2019-2020 School Trustlands Plan

  • Currently paying 1/3 of the instructional coach’s salary. Next year we will pay 2/3 ($60,246) because of GEAR Up moves up to 8th grade. 

  • ReadLive licenses (computer software program that adapts to where the student’s reading level is at. Teachers need to check in with it occasionally, but it does free up time to do one on one). Literacy Resource classes and Resource Academy classes. We have about 350 licenses.

  • For .5 FTE teacher literacy academy ($41,000)

  • Full time teacher ($82,000)

  • Instructional assistants (1hr/day: $2,216) for math and ELA

    • Hard to find and keep instructional assistants

  • Homework room

    • Working out the little quirks, but seeing improvement

  • Increase student attendance (attendance mentor)

    • Dani started out with 60 kids at the beginning of this year. She is currently working with 150+ kids. Latest data is showing promises compared against their last year attendance. Either staying or improved their attendance compared to the same time last year.

    • No more AMERICORP (State of Utah is doing away with it) possibly work with Girls and Boys club, but nothing is set yet. 

  • Could we increase Professional Development time for teachers? Smaller sessions more often vs. less frequent with a larger chunks of time, which is what is currently happening ($1,148 1-hour per week per teacher for 30 weeks)


  • Kacee Murray, Instructional Coach

    • Works with 19 teachers one on one (professional development). Focuses on improving instructional practice and improving student learning. The teachers can talk to the coach confidentially and ask them questions they many not want to ask an evaluator (or administrator).

    • Kacee also runs the Learning Academy.

  • Leslie Maughan, 7th grade Literacy Academy teacher

    • Has a smaller class with instructional assistance provided. She is able to split the class in ½ to more specific work with a smaller number of students.

    • She works with struggling students who do not meet IEP or ESL. This is an additional ELA class to their regular ELA class.

  • Goals:

  • Keep goal:

    • 90% of students will meet essential learning of all areas.

    • Every department as a whole has the same focus of what is essential.

  • Ideas/Thoughts (also see Discussion of 2019-2010 School Trustlands Plan above):

    • Look at the school’s academic needs

    • Our school “gage” shows that ESL brings up the largest concern among MLMS and LHS.

    • Keep Dani (Attendance)

    • Ways to continue to improve literacy specifically in Math/literacy academy

    • Keep funding instructional coach. Would love to see two coaches.

  • Resource Needed (requested)

    • 8th grade: calculators, docking stations, instructional tech

    • CTE: 10 mini iPads

    • 7th grade: fund ALEKS (less worried about funding this as the state has been funding it)

    • A way to update Chromebooks over time (Chromebooks cost: $220)

  • How do we allocated trust land funds to meet needs best?

5.   Community Council Members - Questions, Comments, or Concerns

  • Open

6.   Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 4:48 pm

  • Debbie Brough motioned for adjournment and Carol Nielsen second motion

Next Meeting:        March 5, 2019                          

Time:                    3:45 p.m.                                   

Location:               Media Conference Room