• Julie Benson
  • Pat Black (S)
  • Shaunah Allison
  • Farina Buttars
  • Katie Chapman
  • Amy Cox
  • Melissa Dahle
  • Jennifer Duncan
  • Melody Francis (S)
  • Karlee Fryer
  • Daryl Guymon (S)
  • Stacie Jorgensen
  • Brynja Kohler
  • Melissa McRae
  • Marian Nielsen (S)
  • Candace Pratt (S)
  • Jessica Sanders
  • Renee Shaffer
  • Jason Thompson (S)
  • Karina Trujillo

MLMS Community Council Meeting

January 9, 2018, 2018
3:45 P.M.

3:45 p.m. Welcome & Approval of December Meeting Minutes Julie Benson
3:50 p.m. Data Discussion- First Trimester Grade Data Principal Guymon
4:00 p.m. Standards Based Grading Principal Guymon
4:10 p.m. School Improvement Plan Principal Guymon
4:40 p.m. Open Discussion/ Comment Open
4:45 p.m. Adjournment Julie Benson

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 6, 3:45

Mt. Logan Community Council - Minutes

January 9, 2018 - 3:45 P.M.


    Melissa McRae, Julie Benson, Jessica Sanders, Amy Cox, Katie Chapman, Candace Pratt, Pat Black, Shaunah Allison, Jennifer Duncan, Marian Nielsen, Dave Wind, Jason Thompson, Renee Shaffer, Karina Trujillo, Melissa Dahle, Karlee Fryer, Daryl Guymon

Approval of December meeting minutes

    Motion for approval Shaunah Allison, second Jennifer Duncan

Budget Review

    Trustland Budget spreadsheet reviewed and on track for spending goals

Music Instructional Asst Update

    Warren Barton has been hired as music instructional assistant

Data Discussion

    First Trimester Grade Data reviewed- improvements made in some areas, others have declined- much work needed for increased student proficiency and goal of 0 F grades

Standards Based Grading- Principal Guymon led discussion on pros and cons

    See "Flagship Plan" available on Logan City School District website for more specifics about Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and Assessment and Grading...
"Grades are intended to communicate student mastery of academic standards. Consequently, grades should not be calculated on anything other than student mastery of essential learning. Grading practices that include student behavior in the calculation of a final grade do not accurately reflect the academic progress students have made, and fail to provide clarity regarding what changes are needed to improve student performance. Grades should be determined by student performance on summative assessments that have been designed to measure mastery of essential standards."

Comments from CC Members:

  • There is value in receiving credit for getting assignments turned in on time- teaches accountability. If there is no consequence for turning in work late- what does it teach?
  • Habits will follow students into the workplace when they get older.
  • Will grades be based on mastering content only?
  • There will be a separate "grade" for citizenship-just as important as content mastery
  • How do you help motivate students to fulfill assignments not graded, yet helps teach content?
  • Currently students who don't complete work are given opportunity to do so during school- however the consequence is they miss out on other "fun" activities in order to complete work
  • Concern about assignments that are "busy work" and don't help to show mastery of content.
  • Students react to knowing if an assignment doesn't count towards grade and therefore don't want to complete assignment, then do poorly on tests
  • Students may have mastered content, but are poor test takers- how do we meet their needs?
  • How will an "honor roll" play into new grading system?
  • How to measure special needs students that may never be able to reach grade mastery?
  • Grades based on STAR?
  • Critical to get parents, faculty, and community members full support before changing system

School Improvement Plan

    CC members need to review the following before our next mtg in February…
  • See MLMS website, Parents, Community Council, School Improvement Plan
  • Come prepared for February Meeting to create SIP for next year
  • Look at review Appropriate Program Expenditures
  • Recommend goals for next year- align goals with CFA data because it's always available -see current SIP and how the uses of money are working to benefit students at MLMS
  • Principal Guymon will ask Teachers what their needs/wants are for next yr SIP budget


    Next Mtg: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 3:45pm