Community Council Minutes

Location: Media Center Conference Room
Date: January 8, 2019 Time:  3:45 pm

In Attendance:

Parents: Shaunah Allison |Debbie Brough |Katie Chapman |Melissa Dahle | Jessica Sanders |Michelle Selui |Kate Twohig |Renee Shaffer

Faculty: | April Godderidge |Rayann Hansen | Carol Nielsen | Jason Thompson

Administration: Daryl Guymon, Principal

1.   Welcome - Ms. Katie Chapman, Co-Chair

2.   Review and Approve December 4, 2018 Minutes

  • Carol Nielsen motioned to approve minutes – April Godderidge seconded.

3.   Data - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • STAR Data

    • Parents can see all the results

    • MLMS had an increase in proficiency in all three areas.

    • Our ELL students are an area that has been identified as a need (about 13/14% of our students are ELL). Elementary schools in Logan determined that to be a need last year.

  • Attendance has improved over the last three years.

    • Follow Up on Same Group Request

4.   Semester Schedule - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Last Board meeting Daryl gave them two plans that are being considered.

  • 6 period A/B Schedule (55 minute classes)

    • Con: elective classes will be huge for the teacher

  • 7 periods (45 minute classes) same as now but students change classes mid-year vs trimester. 

    • Some electives changing quarterly

    • Con: will be a challenge scheduling electives

    • May create some high classes/some low classes and less diverse classes

  • What is the biggest reason we are going to semesters?

    • Superintendent and school board told us we are moving to semesters. 

  • Teachers are mixed which one they prefer

5.   School Safety - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Safety Conference Follow Up

6.   Trustlands - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Outline 2019-2020 Plan and Budget

  • Daryl will re-send a current Trustland plan to the SCC members.

  • How are we doing in reaching current goal of 85%?

7.   Schools to Watch - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Throughout the states (about 20 states) schools can get together and work together to make sure we promote excellence in learning.  This year MLMS is up for Schools to Watch re-designation.   Teachers and principals from other schools will visit MLMS and give feedback as to whether or not we will be re-designated.   Re-designate every 3 years. This is our 5th re-designation

8.   Update – Standards Based Grading - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Not discussed

9.    Parent Teacher Conferences - Daryl Guymon, Principal

  • Essential learning is the ultimate place we are aiming for conferences.   More personal and specific thing the child is working on and needs to work on.

  • 38.2% attendance for conference which is higher than it has been in the past.

10.   Community Outreach Programs - Michelle Selui, Co-Chair

  • Too much going on to add this year. Will discuss ideas next year

  • Start with Hello Week

  • White Ribbon Week

  • Colin Kartchner – Social Media

    • Daryl will do a phone message home. One this week and perhaps one closer. A separate phone message from the normal Sunday 6pm one would be great.

    • January 14, 2019

      • PM Assembly

      • 1st Assembly (1:45 pm - 2:35 pm)

      • 2nd Assembly (2:40 pm - 3:30 pm)

11.  Community Council Members - Questions, Comments, or Concerns

  • Nothing brought up

12.  Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 5:53 pm

    • Jessica Sanders motioned and Michelle Selui second motion

Next Meeting:        February 5, 2019                                

Time:                    3:45 p.m.                                             

Location:               Media Conference Room